Vol. 6 (1996)

Vol. 6(1)

Krylova E.M., Moskalev L.I. 1996. Ectenagena extenta, a new species of vesicomyid bivalve from Monterey Bay, California. 6: 1-10. [Abstract]

Kafanov A.I., Lutaenko K.A. 1996. New data on the bivalve mollusc fauna of the North Pacific Ocean. 2. On the status and taxonomic position of some Tellinidae. 6: 11-21 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

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Nesis K.N. 1996. Mating, spawning, and death in oceanic cephalopods: a review. 6: 23-64. [Abstract]

Molluscs of Russia, adjacent countries and seas. Meeting dedicated to the memory of academician O.A. Scarlato. St. Petersburg, Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, November 27-30, 1995 (Abstracts). 6: 65-82 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Ivanov D.L. 1996. Chevroderma hadalis, a new species of Prochaetodermatidae (Caudofoveata, Aplacophora) from the North-west Pacific. 6: 83-84. [Abstract]

Vol. 6 (2)

Mazaev A.V. 1996. Middle and Late Carboniferous gastropods from the Central part of the Russian Plate: part 2. Piatyceratidae. 6: 85-106. [Abstract]

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Tarasov A.G. 1996. New data on Caspian deepwater Gastropoda. 6: 117-126 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

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Vyshikvartzev D.I., Mokrin N.M., Lebedev E.В. 1996. Stranding (the “yori” phenomenon) of the Japanese flying squid Todarodes pacificus Steenstrup, I880, in a shallow-water inlet of Possiet Bay, Japan Sea. 6: 161-166 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

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Ivanov D.L. 1996. On the distribution of the giant solenogaster Neomenia yamamotoi Baba, 1975 (Aplacophora: Solenogastres). 6: 171-172. [Abstract]