Vol. 7 (1997)

Vol. 7 (1)

Sirenko В.I. 1997. The importance of the development of articulamentum for taxonomy of chitons (Mollusca, Polyplacophora). 7: 1-24 [Abstract].

Kirichuk G.E., Stadnichenko A.P. 1997. The pore system of shells of freshwater and marine mussels. 7: 25-29 [Abstract].

Sitnikova Т.Ya., Ostrovskava R.М., Poberezhny E.S., Roepstorf P. 1997. Occurrence of abnormal shells and frequency of chromosomal aberrations in embryonic cells of Benedictia baicalensis (Gerslfeldt) from different regions of Lake Baikal. 7: 31-38 [In Russian] [Abstract].

Prozorova L.A., Starobogatov Ya.I. 1997. New species of the subgenus Gуrаulus of the genus Anisus and Gуrаulus-similis forms from Asiatic Russia (with notes on the classification of the genera Anisus and Choanomphalus (Gastropoda Planorbidae). 7: 39-50 [Abstract].

Schileyko A.A.,.Menkhorst H.P.M.G. 1997. Composition and phylogenetic relations of the Cochlicellidae (Gaslropoda, Pulmonala). 7: 51-60 [Abstract].

Baranetz O.N. 1997. Variability of the respiratory apparatus in Bathydoris Bergh, I884 (Gastropoda, Doridida). 7: 61-64 [Abstract].

Prozorova L.A., Starobogatov Yа.I. 1997. A new for Russia species of the genus Stenothyra (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia, Sthenothyridae). 7: 65-66 [In Russian] [Abstract].

Kuznetsov A.G. 1997. Philippinean Succineidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonaia) from the collection of Carl Semper stored in the Zoological Museum of Moscow State University. 7: 67-69 [Abstract].

Anistratenko V.V. 1997. Molluscs of the genus Cerithium Bruguiere, 1789 (Gastropoda, Cerithiidae) of the Black Sea. 7: 69-72 [In Russian] [Abstract].

Vol. 7 (2)

Sirenko B.I. 1997. Position in the system and the origin of deep-water chitons of the family Ferreiraellidae (Mollusca: Polyplacophora). 7: 77-90 [Abstract].

Mazaev A.V. 1997. Middle and Late Carboniferous gastropods from the Central part of the Russian Plate. Part 3. Microdoma-tidae and Anomphalidae. 7: 91-110 [Abstract].

Kruglov N.D., Soldatenko E. V. 1997. A revision of the genus Segmentina (Planorbidae). 7: 111-132 [Abstract].

Kuznetsov A.G., Schileyko A.A. 1997. New data on Enidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) of Nepal. 7: 133-140 [Abstract].

Krylova E.M. 1997. New taxa and the system of Recent representatives of the family Poromyidae (Bivalvia, Septibranchia, Poromyoidea). 7: 141-148 [Abstract].

Kafanov A.I., Lutaenko K.A. 1997. New data on the bivalve mollusc fauna of the North Pacific Ocean. 3. On some species of the subfamily Dosiniinae (Veneridae). 7: 149-153 [In Russian] [Abstract].

Kafanov A.I., Lutaenko K.A. 1997. New data on the bivalve mollusc fauna of the North Pacific Ocean. 4. Acharax johnsoni (Dall, 1891) (Solemyidae) In Russian Far Eastern seas. 7: 155-159 [In Russian] [Abstract].