Vol. 8 (1998)

Vol. 8(1)

Sirenko B.I. 1998. One more deep-water chiton living and feeding on sunken wood Leptochiton vietnamensis sp nov from the South China Sea (Mollusca, Polyplacophora). 8: 1-6.

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Martynov A.V. Chaban E.M. 1998. Aplysia parvula Guilding in Mörch 1863 and A juliana Quoy et Gaimard 1832 from coastal waters of Moneron Island: the first record of the family Aplysiidae (Opisthobranchia Anaspidea) in Russian fauna. 8: 17-29 [In Russian].

Chernyshev A.V. 1998. Runcinida marisae sp nov (Opisthobranchia Runcinidae), a new runcinid mollusc from the Sea of Japan. 8: 29-32 [In Russian].

Prozorova L.A. 1998. Fresh and brackish-water pectinibranch gastropods of Kurile Islands. 8: 33-38.

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Prozorova L.A., Starobogatov Yа.I. 1998. Subgenus Gyraulus (Pulmonata, Planorbidae) from the south of the Russian Far East. 8: 55-58 [In Russian].

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Kafanov A.I., Lutaenko K.A. 1998. New data on the bivalve mollusc fauna of the North Pacific Ocean. 5. The status of some scallops oа the subfamily Chlamydiinae von Teppner, 1922 and notes on the genus Mizuhopecten Masuda, 1963 (Pectinidae). 8: 65-73.

Kafanov A.I., Lutaenko K.A. 1998. New data on the bivalve mollusc fauna of the North Pacific Ocean. 6. Сallista trigonoovata Scarlato in Volova et Scarlato 1980is a new synonym of Callista (Ezocallista) brevisiphonata (Carpenter 1864) (Veneridae). 8: 75-76.

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Kuznetsov A.G. [Кузнецов А.Г.] 1998. Bradybaena alaica Kuznetsov, sp. nov. (Pulmonata, Bradybaenidae) from northern foothills of Alai Ridge. 8: 87-88 [In Russian].

Vol. 8(2)

Kantor Yu.I. 1998. On the finding of Rapana venosa (Valenciennes, 1846) off eastern coast of USA. 8: 90 [In Russian].

Golikov A.N., Sirenko В.I. 1998. Prosobranch gastropods of the continental slope of Kurile Islands. 8: 91-135 [In Russian].

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Nesis К.N., Roeleveld M.A.C., Nikitina I.V. 1998. A new genus and species of onychoteuthid squid (Cephalopoda, Oegopsida) from the Southern Ocean. 8: 153-168.