Vol. 9 (1999)

Vol. 9(1)

Chaban E.М., Martynov A.V. 1999. Reidentification of «Cylichnatus incisula (Yokoyama, 1928)» (Opisthobranchia: Hamineidae) from the Peter the Great Bay, Japan Sea. 9: 1-4 [In Russian].

Muratov I.V. 1999. Analysis of the phylogenetic relationships and their systematic implications in the Limacoinei (= Zonitinia) infraorder (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Geophila). 9: 5-26.

Kuznetsov A.G., Schileyko A.A. 1999. A revision of the land snails of the genus Lindholmomneme Haas, 1936 (Pulmonata, Hygromiidae). 9: 27-38 [In Russian].

Schileyko A.A., Kijashko P.V. 1999. Boreolestes gen. nov., a new genus of carnivorous slugs from Western Caucasus, and some considerations on the phylogeny of Trigonochlamydidae (Pulmonata). 9: 39-46.

Kuzminykh A.A. 1999. A new genus and two new species of land snails of the family Ariophantidae from North Vietnam. 9: 47-50.

Prozorova L.A., Starobogatov Yа.I. 1999. On Cincinna japonica (Martens, 1877) (Pectinibranchia, Valvatidae), with a description of a new species of the genus from the Southern Kurile Islands. 9: 51-55 [In Russian].

Bogatov V.V., Sayenko E.M., Starobogatov Yа.I. 1999. Anodontine bivalves of the genus Kunashiria Starobogatov from Southern Kurile Islands, with descriptions ot two new species. 9: 57-62.

Nigmatullin Ch.M., Laptikhovsky V.V. 1999. Reproductive biology in females of the subfamilies Todaropsinae and Todarodinae (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae). 9: 63-75.

Labay V.S., Shulga О.Р. 1999. Two new species and a new subspecies of large Bivalvia (Unionidae) from fresh waters of Sakhalin Island. 9: 77-80.

Vol. 9(2)

Sirenko В.I.,.Hayes B. 1999. A new species оf Lepidochitona (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) from South Africa. 9: 81-86.

Starobogatov Ya.I., Mazaev A. V. 1999. A new genus Novlepatella (Gastropoda). and some problems of taxonomy of Paleozoic limpets. 9: 87-90.

Gul’bin V.V., Zaslavskaya N.I., Kolotukhina N.K. 1999. Cryptonatica wakkanaiensis Habe et Ito, 1976 (Gastropoda, Naticidae), a junior synonym of Cryptonatica janthostoma (Deshayes, 1841). 9: 91-94 [In Russian].

Medinskaya A.I. 1999. New data on the .stomach of turriform gastropods (Gastropoda, Conoidea). 9: 95-100 [In Russian].

Kuznetsov A.G. 1999. New data on land snails of the family Enidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) from the Central Asia. 9: 101-112 [In Russian].

Kuznetsov A.G., Kuzminykh A.A. 1999. Cambodiparmarion doroshenkoi gen. et sp. nov. (Pulmonata, Helicarionidae) from Cambodia. 9: 113-116.

Kuznetsov A.G., Schileyko A. A. 1999. Two new species of the genus Pupinidius Moellendorff, 1901 (Enidae, Pulmonata), and the distribution of the genus in Nepal. 9: 117-121.

Sitnikova T., Röpstorf P. 1999. A new species of planorbid gastropod of the genus Choanomphalus from Lake Baikal. 9: 123-128.

Nesis K.N. 1999. Horizontal and vertical distribution and some features of biology of the gonatid squid Gonatus antarcticus Lönnberg, 1898 (Cephalopoda). 9: 129-139.

Laptikhovsky V.V. 1999. Improved mathematical model to study the duration of embryogenesis in cephalopod molluscs. 9: 141-146.

Lutaenko K.A., Yakovlev Yu.M. 1999. Gomphina aequilatera (Sowerby, 1825) (Bivalvia, Veneridae), a new subtropical species in the Russian Far Eastern marine fauna. 9: 147-154 [In Russian].

Buyanovsky A.I. 1999. Density dynamics, size structure and growth of bivalve larvae in the lagoon Gladkovskaya (Medny Island, Commander Islands). 9: 155-162 [In Russian].

Taniushkin A.I., Zhiltsov S.S., Suvorov A.N. 1999. A case of occurrence of two darts in upper stylophore in Xeropicta krynickii (Pulmonata Hygromiidae). 9: 163-164.