Vol. 12 (2002)

Vol. 12 (1)

Martynov A.V. 2002. The shell collection of J.H. Chemnitz in the Zoological Institute, St.-Petersburg. 12: 1-18. [Abstract]

Chernyshev A.V., Chernova T. V. 2002. Nipponacmea moskalevi sp. nov. (Gastropoda, Lottiidae), a new species of limpets from the Japan Sea. 12: 19-22 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Martynov A.V., Baranets O.N. 2002. A revision of the genus Colga Bergh (Opisthobranchia, Polyceridae), with description of a new species from the North Pacific. 12: 23-43 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Martynov A.V. 2002. Two new species of the genus Trinchesia Ihering, 1879 from Peter the Great Bay, Japan Sea (Nudibranchia, Tergipedidae), with notes on the taxonomy of the family. 12: 45-54 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Kantor Yu.I. 2002. On the types of Neptunea polycostata Scarlato in Galkin et Scarlato, 1955 and Neptunea convexa Goryachev, 1978 (Neogastropoda: Buccinidae). 12: 55-57. [Abstract]

Petuch E.J. 2002. New deep water gastropods from the Bimini Shelf, Bimini Chain, Bahamas. 12: 59-72. [Abstract]

Zhiltsov S.S., Schileyko A.A. 2002. Morphology of reproductive system of Bielzia coerulans (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) and phylogenetic relations of the genus Bielzia. 12: 73-79 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Nesis K. N., Katugin O.N., Ratnikov A.V. 2002. Pygmy cuttlefish Idiosepius paradoxus (Ortmann, 1888) (Cephalopoda) – first record of Idiosepiidae in Russian seas. 12: 81-84. [Abstract]

Buyanovsky A.I. 2002. On specific status of the mussels Mytilus (Bivalvia, Mytilidae) at Canadian Coast and in the Baltic Sea. 12: 85-88 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Vol. 12 (2)

Mazaev A.V. 2002. Some murchisoniid gastropods from the Middle and Upper Carboniferous of the Central part of Russian Plate. 12: 89-106. [Abstract]

Chernyshev A.V., Chernova T.V. 2002. Erginus galkini sp. nov. (Gastropoda, Lottiidae), a new species of limpets from the North Pacific Ocean. 12: 107-112 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Sysoev A.V., Kantor Yu.I. 2002. On some species of prosobranchiate gastropods from Russian waters described by C.W.S. Aurivillius in 1885. 12: 113-118. [Abstract]

Kantor Yu.I., Sysoev A.V. 2002. On the species of molluscs from Russian waters described by Valenciennes in little known publications in 1858. 12: 119-123. [Abstract]

Medinskaya A.I. 2002. Structure of the venom gland – muscular bulb complex in the family Turridae (Gastropoda, Conoidea). 12: 125-133. [Abstract]

Medinskaya A.I. 2002. Foregut anatomy of the Turrinae (Gastropoda, Conoidea, Turridae). 12: 135-159. [Abstract]

Suvorov A.N. 2002. A new subgenus and three new species of the genus Acrotoma O. Boettger 1881 (Pulmonata Clausiliidae) from western Transcaucasia. 12: 161-166. [Abstract]

Sirenko B.I. 2002. On the validity of Cryptonatica wakkanaiensis Habe et Ito, 1976 (Gastopoda, Naticidae). 12: 167-168 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Sysoev A.V. 2002. On the type species of Iotyrris Medinskaya et Sysoev, 2001 (Gastropoda, Turridae). 12: 169-171. [Abstract]

Sysoev A.V. 2002. On the status of the genus Viridoturris Powell, 1964 (Gastropoda, Conoidea). 12: 172-173. [Abstract]

Kantor Yu. I., Sysoev A.V. 2002. On the conservation of the name Neptunea beringiana (Middendorff, 1848). 12: 174-176. [Abstract]