Vol.14 (2004-2005)

Vol. 14(1)

Chernyshev A. V., Chernova T. V. 2004. The systematic position of Lottia angusta (Moskalev in Golikov et Scariato, 1967) (Gastropoda, Lottiidae). 14: 1-4 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

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Soldatenko E. V., Starobogatov Ya. I. 2004. Genus Ancylus Müller, 1774 (Gastropoda Planorbidae). 14: 37-56 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Shirokaya A., Röpstorf P. 2004. Morphology of alimentary system and shell adductor muscles in some species of endemic Baikalian Acroloxidae (Pulmonata, Basommatophora). 14: 57-70. [Abstract]

Smirnov I. P. 2004. Distribution of gastropods of the genus Neancistrolepis Habe et Sato, 1972 off Sakhalin Island (Okhotsk Sea). 14: 71-72 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

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Ivanov D. L., Zarubina E. M. 2004. Distribution of scaphopod molluscs (Mollusca, Scaphopoda) in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, based on materials of Russian and Soviet expeditions. 14: 89-104. [Abstract]

Vol. 14(2)

Khlebovich V. V. 2005. In memoriam of Yaroslav I. Starobogatov. 14: 105-106 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Kantor Yu. I., Sysoev A. V. 2005. A preliminary analysis of biodiversity of molluscs of Russia and adjacent territories. 14: 107-118. [Abstract]

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Klitin A. K., Smirnov I. P. 2005. Commercial gastropods off the southern Kurile Islands in 2003. 14: 125-130 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Chernyshev A. V., Chaban E. M. 2005. The first findings of Alderia modesta (Lovén, 1844) (Opistobranchia, Ascoglossa) in the Sea of Japan. 14:131-134 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Martynov A. V., Roginskaya I. S. 2005. A new species of the genus Doridunculus G.O. Sars, 1878 (Mollusca, Nudibranchia): a hydroid-feeding dorid from the abyssal depths of the Sea of Japan. 14: 135-145. [Abstract]

Martynov A. V. 2005. Complex morphological novelties on a simple basis: an example of transformation of the female structures of reproductive system into an aberrant copulative apparatus in opisthobranch molluscs. 14: 147-152. [Abstract]

Gagaev S. Yu. 2005. On some features of feeding and other ecological and etological aspects of the mollusks in the conditions of the marine Arctic aquarium. 14: 153-155 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Kijashko P. V. 2005. Micropontica annae sp. nov., a new species of Clausiliidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) from Northwest Caucasus. 14: 157-160. [Abstract]

Rizhinashvili A. L., Orlova M. I. 2005. The use of morphometrical distances in systematics of the genus Dreissena van Beneden, 1835 (Bivalvia: Dreissenidae). 14: 161-168 [In Russian]. [Abstract]