Vol. 18 (2008)

Sirenko B., Clark R. Deshayesiella spicata (Berry, 1919) (Mollusca: Polyplacophora), a valid species. 18(1): 1-7. [PDF]

Anistratenko Vitaliy, Anistratenko Olga, Khaliman Igor. Gastropod molluscs of the Sea of Azov: zoogeographic composition and biological traits as its salinity regime function. 18(1): 9-16 [In Russian]. [PDF]

Kantor Yuri I., Harasewych M. G. Chlanidota (Paranotoficula) anomala, a new subgenus and species of Buccinulidae (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda) from the South Shetland Islands. 18(1): 17-24. [PDF]

Uvayeva O., Hural R. Peculiarities of distribution and ecology of freshwater snails of the family Planorbidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) of Ukraine. 18(2): 25-38 [In Russian]. [PDF]

Klitin A. K., Smirnov I. P., Kochnev Ju. R. Gastropods of the family Buccinidae from trawl catches off North Kurile Islands. 18(2): 39-50 [In Russian] [PDF]

Kantor Yu. I., Rusyaev S. M., Antokhina T. I. Going eastward – climate changes evident from gastropod distribution in the Barents Sea. 18(2): 51-54 [PDF]

The cover of the volume: [PDF]