Vol. 19 (2009)

Volume 19 (2009)

Alexeyev D.O., Gornichnykh A.V. New gastropod species Buccinum frausseni sp. nov. (Gastropoda, Buccinidae), with comments on intraspecific structure of Buccinum scalariforme Beck in Møller, 1842. 19(1): 1-18 [In Russian] [PDF]

Lutaenko K.A. On the identity of “Gari californica” (Bivalvia: Psammobiidae) from the North-Western Pacific. 19(1): 19-26 [PDF]

Lutaenko K.A. Finding of the bivalve mollusk Cuspidaria (Nordoneaera) trosaetes Dall, 1925 (Cuspidariidae) in Russian waters of the Sea of Okhotsk. 19(1): 27-30 [In Russian] [PDF]

Gural-Sverlova N. V., Martynov V. V. First record of land molluscs of the genus Elia (Clausiliidae) on the territory of Ukraine. 19(1): 31-35 [In Russian] [PDF]

Klishko O.K. Anodontine bivalves (Bivalvia, Anodontinae) from the refuge lake Arejskoe of Transbaikalia. 19(1): 37-52 [In Russian] [PDF]

Gural-Sverlova N. V., Balashov I. A., Gural R. I. Recent distribution of terrestrial molluscs of the family Agriolimacidae on the territory of Ukraine [In Russian]. 19(2): 53-61 [PDF]

Thasun Amarasinghe A. A., Praneeth Jayamadu Alwis H. A., Madhava S. Botejue W., Krishnarajah S. R. Three sympatric land snail species in an isolated islet of Rathgama Lagoon ecosystem of Sri Lanka. 19(2): 63-65 [PDF]

Kantor Yu. I. On the forgotten species from the Russian Far-East seas, Plicifusus olivaceus Bartsch, 1929. 19(2): 67-72 [PDF]

Dgebuadze P. Yu., Kantor Yu.I. On the finding of free-living population of parasitic gastropod Amamibalcis yessoensis in Peter the Great Bay (Japan Sea). 19(2): 73-75 [PDF]

The cover of the volume [PDF]