Vol. 20 (2010)

Vol. 20 (1)

Gural-Sverlova N. V., Gural R. I. New taxa of the land molluscs of the genera Chondrula and Brephulopsis (Enidae) from the territory of Ukraine. 20(1): 1-12 [In Russian] [PDF]

Gural-Sverlova N. V. Review of land molluscs from the genus Helicopsis (Hygromiidae) of Donetsk upland and adjoining territories with description of new species. 20(1): 13-26 [In Russian] [PDF]

Kramarenko S.S. Peculiarities of allozyme variation of the land snail genus Brephulopsis (Enidae) in an introgression hybridisation area. 20(1): 27-34 [In Russian] [PDF]

Prozorova L.A. Slugs of the genus Deroceras Rafinesque, 1820 on the Northern Russian Far East. 20(1): 35-39 [In Russian] [PDF]

Prozorova L.A. Acroloxus Beck (Pulmonata, Acroloxidae) from Hokkaido — new genus and family of freshwater molluscs for Japan. 20(1): 41-44 [PDF]

Vinarski M.V. A historical outline of study of Siberian freshwater malacofauna (end of XVIII — middle of XX centuries). 20(1): 45-67 [In Russian] [PDF]

Vol. 20 (2)

Bondarev I.P. The shell morphogenesis and intraspecific differentiation of Rapana venosa (Valenciennes, 1846). 20(2): 69-90 [In Russian] [PDF]

Anistratenko O., Degtyarenko E., Anistratenko V. Shell and radula comparative morphology of the Gastropod Molluscs family Valvatidae from the North Black Sea coast. 20(2): 91-101 [In Russian] [PDF]

Lazutkina E.A., Andreyeva S.I., Andreyev N.I. Boreoelona sibirica (Westerlund, 1886) (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia, Bithynidae) in the waterbodies of Western Siberia and Middle Urals. 20(2): 103-108 [In Russian] [PDF]

Schileyko A.A., Rymzhanov T.S. Three new species of land mollusks (Pulmonata: Truncatellinidae et Hygromiidae) from Central Asia. 20(2): 109-115 [In Russian] [PDF]

Fedosov A.E., Kantor Yu.I. Evolution of carnivorous gastropods of the family Costellariidae (Neogastropoda) in the framework of molecular phylogeny. 20(2): 117-139 [PDF]

The cover of the volume [PDF]