Vol. 22 (2012)

Volume 22 (1)

 Maximova N.V., Melnikova E.N., Shirokaya A.A., Sitnikova T.Ya., Timoshkin O.A. Seasonal and inter-annual distribution of Gastropoda in three hydrodynamic stony littoral zones of Lake Baikal [In Russian]. 22(1): 1-14 [PDF].

 Gural-Sverlova N. V. Preliminary results of anatomical study of molluscs of the genus Helicopsis (Hygromiidae) of Crimea and Black Sea Lowland [In Russian]. 22(1): 15-34 [High resolution, 16Mb – PDF; lower resolution, 10 Mb – PDF].

 Schileyko A. A. One error generates another: the problem of Bradybaena boevi Uvalieva, 1967 (Gastropoda Pulmonata: Bradybaenidae) [In Russian]. 22(1): 35-39 [PDF].

 Schileyko A.A., Balashov I.A.Pyramidula kuznetsovi sp. nov. – a new species of land molluscs from Nepal (Pulmonata, Pyramidulidae). 22(1): 41-45 [PDF].

 Stojko T. G. Terrestrial mollusk Laciniaria plicata (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Clausiliidae) in Penza forest-steppe territory [In Russian]. 22(1): 47-49 [PDF].

 Nekhaev I.O., Kantor Yu.I. The first record of Thesbia nana (Lovén, 1846) (Gastropoda: Conoidea) in Russian waters. 22(1): 51-54 [PDF].

 Kosyan A.R., Kantor Yu.I. Revision of the genus Plicifusus Dall, 1902 (Gastropoda: Buccinidae). 22(1): 55-92 [Hi resolution, 16Mb PDF, normal resolution, 10 Mb PDF].

Volume 22 (2)

Schileyko A.A.On the origin of Cochlopupa (= Cylindrus auct.) obtusa (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Helicidae). 22(2): 93-100 [PDF].

Govorin I.A., Shatsillo E.I.The periphyton settlements of mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis (Lamarck, 1819) and mytilasters Mytilaster lineatus (Gmelin, 1791) in abnormal high temperature conditions of the coastal sea waters [In Russian]. 22(2): 101-110 [PDF].

Balashov I.A., Baidashnikov A.A. The first findings of a slug Boettgerilla pallens (Stylommatophora, Boettgerillidae) in Crimea. 22(2): 111-114 [PDF].

O. Anistratenko, V. Anistratenko. Zoogeography and ecology of the Middle Sarmatian Gastropods of the Eastern Paratethys. [In Russian] 22(2): 115-134 [PDF].

Gural-Sverlova N.V., Timoshenko E.G. Oxychilus koutaisanus mingrelicus (Zonitidae) and Stenomphalia ravergiensis (Hygromiidae) – Caucasian species of land molluscs in south-east of Ukraine. [In Russian] 22(2): 135-140 [PDF].

Schileyko A.A. On the anatomy of Orculidae with special reference to the spermatophores (Gastropoda Pulmonata, Stylommatophora). 22(2): 141-158 [PDF].

Vinarski M.V., Grebennikov M.E. A review of the species of the genus AenigmomphiscolaKruglov et Starobogatov, 1981 (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Lymnaeidae) [In Russian]. 22(2): 159-170[PDF].

Cover of vol. 22 [PDF]