Vol. 4 (1994)

Vol. 4(1)

Titova L.V. 1994. Revision of the Neogene Turritellidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from Kamchatka. 4: 1-20. [Abstract]

Mazaev A.V. 1994. Middle and Upper Carboniferous Gastropods from the Central part of the Russian Plate: part 1. Euomphalacea. 4: 21-33. [Abstract]

Kisselev G.N. 1994. The systematic position of the Early Paleozoic mollusk ”Cyrtolithes" corniculum (Eichwald. 1860) (Xenoconchia, Toxeumophorida). 4: 35-37 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Kafanov A.I., Lutaenko K.A. 1994. New data on the bivalve mollusc fauna of the North Pacific Ocean. 1. The status of Asaphis kussakini Ivanova, l985 (Psammobiidae) and Patinopecten (Lohripecten) Kafanov, l99l (Pectinidae). 4: 39-42 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Korniushin A.V. 1994. Review of the European species of the genus Sphaerium (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Pisidioidea). 4: 43-60. [Abstract]

Pirogov V.V., Tarasov A.G., Kazantseva S.Z. 1994. Malacofauna of typical waterbodies of the middle and lower Ural River. 4: 61-65. [Abstract]

Nesis K.N. 1994. Teuthofauna of Walters Shoals, a seamount in the Southwestern Indian Ocean. 4: 67-77. [Abstract]

Nigmatullin Ch.M., Laptikhovsky V.V. 1994. Reproductive strategies in the squids of the family Ommastrephidae (preliminary report). 4: 79-82. [Abstract]

Sitnikova T. 1994. Gastropods of Baikal Lake. The family Valvatidae (Guide to Recent molluscs of northern Eurasia. 4). 4: 85-96. [Abstract]

Vol. 4 (2)

Egorov R.V. 1994. New data on he taxonomy of molluscs of the subfamily Trophoninae (Gastropoda, Muricidae) from the NOrthwestern Pacific. 4: 97-101 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Fedoseeva E.A. 1994. Comparative morphology of darts in the superfamily Helicoidea (Gastropoda, Pulmonata). 4: 103-110 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Slugina Z.V., Starobogatov Ya.I., Korniushin A.V. 1994. Bivalves (Bivalvia) of Lake Baikal. 4: 111-146 [In Russian]. [Abstract]

Bogatov V.V., Starobogatov Ya.I. 1994. Genus Corbicula in the Amyr River (Bivalvia, Corbiculidae). 4: 147-150. [Abstract]

Alexeyev D.O. 1994. New data on the distribution and biology of squids from the Southern Pacific. 4: 151-166. [Abstract]

Alexeyev D.O. 1994. Enoploteuthis (Paraenoploteuthis) semilineata, a new species of squid (Cephalopoda, Oegopsida, Enoplotcuthidae) from the Southern Pacific. 4: 167-171. [Abstract]

Nesis K.N. 1994. Giant North Pacific octopus, Octopus dofleini apollyon (Berry), in deep water of the western Bering Sea. 4:173-180. [Abstract]