Vol. 2 (1992)

Vol. 2(1)
Starobogatov Ya.I. 1992. Morphological basis for phylogeny and classification of Bivalvia. 2: 1-25. Abstract
Medinskaya A.I. 1992. Anatomy of the proboscis walls in Neogastropoda (Gastropoda) and its connection with diet and feeding mechanism. 2: 27-35. Abstract
Muratov I.V. 1992. New taxa of Pseudonapaeinae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Enidae). 2: 37-44. Abstract
Kantor Yu.I., Harasewych M.G. 1992. Morphology of the digestive system of Volutomitra alaskana Dali, 1902 (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia, Volutomitridae), with notes on the possible mechanism of feeding. 2: 45-53. Abstract
Nesis K.N., Nikitina I.V. 1992. New records of oceanic squids Walvisteuthis virilis Nesis et Nikitina, 1986 and Nototeuthis dimegacotyle Nesis et Nikitina, 1986 (Cephalopoda, Oegopsida) from the South Atlantic and the South Pacific. 2: 55-58.
Pazylov A.P., Schileyko A.A. 1992. More case of existence of conchological sibling-species in the Central-Asian Hygromiidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata). 2: 59-62 [In Russian]. Abstract
Egorov R.V. 1992. Gastropods of the families Muricidae and Thaididae from the seas of Russia. (Guide to Recent molluscs of northern Eurasia. 1.). 2: 63-75. Abstract
Vol. 2(2)
Sirenko B.I. 1992. Nierstraszellidae fam. nov. – a new family of chitons (Polyplacophora, Lepidopleurida) from the bathyal of Eastern Pacific. 2: 81-90 [In Russian]. Abstract
Nesis K.N. 1992. The diamondback squid, Thysanoteuthis rhombus Troschel, 1857: a “living fossil”? 2: 91-103. Abstract
Buyanovsky A.I. 1992. Dependance of morphological variability of shell of the mussel Mytilus trossulus (Gould) from habitats. 2: 105-110 [In Russian]. Abstract
Golikov A.N., Sirenko B.I. 1992. New species of the genus Trophonopsis (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from the shelf and slope of Kurile Islands. 2: 111-117 [In Russian]. Abstract
Sysoev A.V., Kantor Yu.I. 1992. Names of Mollusca introduced by Ya.I.Starobogatov in 1957-1992. Dedicated to 60th anniversary. 2: 119-159. Abstract
Kantor Yu.I., Sysoev A.V. 1992. Latiaxis (Babelomares) naskensis, a new species of Coralliophilidae (Gastropoda) from South-East Pacific. 2: 163-164. Abstract
Egorov R.V. 1992. Two new species of Boreotrophon ( Gastropoda, Muricidae) from the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. 2: 164-166. Abstract
Sysoev A.V. 1992. A new hadal species of Boreotrophon (Gastropoda, Muricidae) from Northwestern Pacific. 2: 166-167. Abstract
Egorov R.V. 1992. Gastropods of the family Littorinidae from the seas of Russia. (Guide to Recent molluscs of northern Eurasia. 2.). 2: 169-172. Abstract